Part One

The first part of STEAL THIS FILM focused mostly on The Pirate Bay, the Piratbyrån and the events around and after the raid that happened at TPB in autumn 2006. Actually, we took a lot more material than this, and asked (for example) a lot of questions about the future of creativity, about how media control works (e.g., how it manages to convince us about the need for constant War, or at least placate us while it's happening) and about whether, and how, the types of organisation we're now working on together can serve us better.

All this material was left out of the final edit of the first part because we were committed to making a 30-ish minute first part.

In part two we want to treat these kinds of issues. We want to talk to the 'thinkers' of the filesharing movement and interview the most interesting of them. We also want to talk to Adam Curtis, who made The Century of the Self, and the Power of Nightmares. We want to talk to Noam Chomsky. We want to talk to Sy Hersh (The New Yorker), John Pilger and Robert Fisk. We'd like to find out what part they think the old media played into getting us in the mess we're in. We'd like to help them think about the future we're building and catch them thinking about it on camera. (How about Lawrence Lessing and his Creative Commons and Free Culture projects. Lawrance Lessing's activities alone are worthy of a documentary. He should certainly not be overlooked)

Also consider getting in touch with the makers of the "Alternative Freedom" documentary at and maybe discuss sharing footage since your aims might be related. Maybe you could try sharing all your rough footage via bittorent so that other peers can offer their own cuts of your film along with footage from other documentaries. There's a tonne of Chomsky footage already available in which he outlines the damage caused by commercial media, lots of which is available on

We'd like to make sure all our shots are in focus this time, and we're a bit jealous of the sound recording on good documentaries. And the lighting. So we'll get that right next time (see 'things you can help with!').

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