Changelist To Dos


— Demos Stockholm. Shows anarchist colours. But this was a demo with both left AND right in attendance

—- And note this leads to the Falkwinge/right-wing story.


  • Slow down text, make it stay longer on screen. (aes)
    • Particularly in the Rapport excerpts extra time for the text would help. Also, some of the sublims are too fast, like "sharing is not stealing" over the governator and chan.
    • revealing sentences ONE… WORD… AT… A… TIME… is really annoying
  • Okay, the dude who is filmed outside with the condo's, he's out of focus. I don't like how they have a profile shot of one person. Also, it's awkward how they zoom level of a person changes between scenes. The mix between Swedish and English is a bit awkward. Being able to see subtitles underneath the added subtitles is a bit unprofessional. Seeing the video being launched in the h264 version is awkward (guys, learn to transcode properly). I recall seeing at least one interlaced clip that was horribly deinterlaced. The flow/continuality of some passages is really bad between some clips. I'm assuming that the video is geared to educating people who are unaware of the events that happened. However, the video does not nearly explain things enough. How many people in the target audience understand the bittorrent protocol or US vs. Swedish copyright law? What about WTO and sanctions (lots of people in the US are really dumb)? How about the police restrictions in Sweden compared to the US? Oh, and the one-word-at-a-time thing is really annoying because there's too much of it. I would say anything more than 10 words like that is overkill. Also, what's with the flashing text in the middle during the RIAA clip? It's just looks silly. And wtf is with the Day After Tomorrow clips? There's also the random woman in the background of the out of focus guy who is carrying two boxes and spends a minute locking the door :P. I defiantly saw a lot of chugging audio/video on the "Put an end to piracy" clip. The "iShare clip" has similar problems. Also, that clip is inserted really arbitrarily.
  • Okay, the structure and organization of the movie is not very logical. The transition from the raid to downloading to RIAA culture to laws is not very clear. The movie does not make any coherent statements. There's just a huge mix of statements. They may be good points alone, but just lopping all of them together doesn't necessarily make a good movie.
  • I recently saw this slashdot article that has a lot of good discussion: In particular, I suggest you look at
  • Use distribution forms different to torrents… maybe youtube or any form of streaming
  • I haven't seen the movie yet, but I couldn't find a 720mb 2-pass xvid with ac3 audio. What's going on there? An iPod video, a quicktime mov and a DVD ISO is a 'Macin' poor choice of media imho.
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